Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ask yourself…How do GC’s make so much… when they don’t do any of the work?

    General contractors are happy to build a house for customers exactly like they want. If the house appraises for $200,000, the GC sells it to them for $200,000. The customer is happy because they get a brand new home, just like they want, for market value. The general contractor (GC) is also happy, for three reasons:

    • The GC didn’t have to do any of the labor to build the house. GCs basically act as a project manager, and hire subcontractors to do all of the actual construction work. GCs supervise the work, collect invoices from the subs, and pay the bills. GC will lead the customer to believe that his profit margin is 10%, when in fact it is 35% to 50%.
    • The GC only pays an average of $118,000 for the materials and the subcontractors. That’s a $82,000 profit off just this one house.
    • The GC was overseeing the construction of four houses at the same time. For a standard six month home construction cycle, he makes over $300,000!

    Being the owner/builder, the $82,000 is your savings, not to mention the interest saved!!

  • Yes, you can. People are different, with different desires and needs. We can custom design a home to fit your needs and budget.

  • Yes, Redstone Engineered Home Systems, Inc. only supplies premium grade materials.

  • Every customer is different. Some complete the project in 3 months, others take 6 months. The more complex the home, the more likely it is to take longer. We do not believe that building a home should be a race for quick completion, but a scheduled project for a quality home. Accurate budgeting and scheduling up front will make the building process easier and quicker. The “Engineered System” portion of your home, can be up in as little as 4 days. We are here to help you in those areas.

  • It means you call the shots, You decide what work you want to do yourself, what work you want a subcontractor to do for you, where you want to build, how much money you want to spend, and what custom features you want to include.

  • Our Engineered system is designed for people just like you. Included in our engineered system is an easy to follow building manual. Remember we are just a phone call away.

  • We have engineers that work to develop the proper set of plans for your project so you are ready for “stamped” plan submission at your local building department. The Engineered System Home package includes these stamped structural drawings at no extra cost to you. The only additional cost would be for your foundation drawings. These run about $600.00

  • Absolutely……. Each home will meet or exceed your local/regional building codes

  • This will vary from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the size of the system and the time of year. Because we produce one system at a time, our production schedule for the prime building months is usually filled early. Please contact us for specific information regarding lead time.

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