• Quality Control: The engineered wall panels, roof and floor components are cut and/or assembled with straight, kiln dried lumber under optimal conditions to ensure accuracy and consistency. When properly assembled, the result is a superior structure, square and plumb, less prone to shrinkage, no waste material, and easier too drywall and finish.
  • Completeness: Framing packages contain all the plywood, dimensional lumber, and major hardware required to assemble the home. This is a great benefit when the lumber yard is not located down the street.
  • Ease and Rapidity of Erection: Once the foundation is in place, the home can be assembled to the lock-up phase by a small 2 man crew in as little as 4 days (depending on the size of the home). This is from the foundation to roof sheathing.
  • Less Waste: Because most of the engineered system is built in the shop, there is very little on-site waste generated during construction. Why pay for materials that are thrown away……….wasted $$$$$$
  • Complete Customization: You decide the finished look of your home. It is the easiest custom home you will ever find to build.
  • Low System Cost: The average Engineered System cost is between $24.00 and $27.00 per square foot depending on the design). This includes the Engineered floor system, Engineered pre-built wall system (exterior and interior), exterior doors and windows, Engineered truss system, roof sheathing, and shingles.
  • Finished Cost: The more you do yourself, the less expensive your home will cost.
    A home finished with medium grade finishes, can be completed for as little as $55.00 per square foot (doing most of the work yourself).
    That is half the cost of the national average.
Save $65,000 or more by utilizing REDSTONE’S ENGINEERED HOME SYSTEMS

10 ways your home Equity is created without breaking a sweat:

  1. Less labor is required to put the structure up because the house shell and interior walls are panelized.
  2. Each portion of the house shell is built in the factory by a person that has perfected their job, creating a precision built home;
    certainly more cost efficient than a framer building a home on-site for the FIRST time.
  3. The factory builds several homes per year. Large volume buying power of superior quality lumber equates to cost savings to you.
  4. We only use superior materials. A home built with superior materials equates to a home that will appraise higher than a home built with lesser quality
  5. Shorter construction time frame (which means less interest paid on your construction loan)
  6. Guaranteed system price up front: there are NO typical costly price overruns
  7. Less cleanup cost at the job-site
  8. Less material waste (you’re not throwing out left over CUT lumber)
  9. Less jobsite theft; it’s hard to steal a wall panel
  10. In many cases- because of the appraised value vs. your construction cost, your mortgage PMI insurance is eliminated, thus lowering your monthly mortgage payment.