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The "American Dream" is not lost...... You can build your own home for 1/2 of what it would cost if you had the same home contracted out through a home builder. Ask about our special Winter season pricing !!!!

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Panelized Home Kits Redstone Engineered Home Systems provide Panelized House Kits so that everyone can build their own Prefab Homes. Prefabricated Homes from Redstone are complete Home Building Kits delivered as pre-cut wood panels, made from quality lumber, with machine-automated precision that far exceeds what a local framer can duplicate. Our Panelized Homes are also pre-built at the Factory before you receive it. Panel Homes from Redstone enables you to erect your Panelized Home framework within just a few days.

Build your equity both ways - your land and your home. Prefab Homes from Redstone provides you the way to build a custom and value-added home for the least amount of money. A quality constructed Redstone Engineered Home System will increase both your land and home in value over the years. You can be free and independent to live your own lifestyle in a home you built yourself.

Redstone Panelized Home Kits offer Owner/Builders and "Do It Yourselfers" a superior way to dry-in their home quickly, in a conventional way, that is easy to understand. Plus our Home Building Kits give you the benefit of having nearly limitless design alternatives.

A Redstone Prefabricated Home is NOT a "modular home", nor is it "just a bunch of lumber" dropped off at your job site. Redstone Panel Homes are carefully Engineered Home Systems which are pre-built by us, deliverd to you, and can be erected and "Locked-up" in a matter of days - not weeks.

With our Prefabricated Homes the shell of the house is delivered right to your jobsite, as a series of prefabricated panels. These delivered panels are for everything, from the walls and floors, to the roof trusses. They are prefabricated to all fit together perfectly. A primary advantage of our Panelized Home Kits is that your house can be weather tight within just a few days, lessening the chance of weather damage, mold and mildew problems.

Redstone Panelized Homes require less on-site labor than conventional framing. Our Engineered Home Systems are delivered to your site as a complete set of wall panels, the floor system, and the roof trusses. These panels are all constructed in a factory-environment to exact specifications for your home's exact footprint.

Home Building Kits from Redstone are uniquely designed for fast assembly. A "Do It Yourselfer" can typically dry-in the structure within just a few days to a week, depending on the size of the structure and the complexity of the design.

Another advantage in using Redstone Prefabricated Homes is that Owner/Builders have all the components for their new home delivered to the site in one or two truck loads. This eliminates having to order, keep track of, and inventory several different deliveries from different suppliers. Since we provide you with all of the panels you will need, constant trips to the lumberyard are eliminated or reduced. The time it takes to clean up and haul out waste is also substantially reduced. Additionally, with Redstone Panel Homes the caliber of the materials and the precise engineering in the house design is assured at the factory, before work on your house starts.

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“On time delivery, quality materials. The wall panels were better than I could build on site and everything went together great.”

Jered, Utah, Vet Tech