The "American Dream" is not lost...... You can build your own home for 1/2 of what it would cost if you had the same home contracted out through a home builder.

easy Assembly

Redstone engineers and fabricates your home panels and trusses.


Red Stone delivers your prefabricated panels and components to your home site.


Assemble your Engineered Floor System.


Erect your exterior engineered wall panels at your own pace.


Erect your pre-built interior walls.


Assemble the Engineered Truss System.


Your home is ready for your custom finishing work.


Easy Assembly

Assemble your new home with little man power, at your own pace.

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Floor Plans

The floor plan for your home is your choice.

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10 ways your home Equity is created without breaking a sweat.

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“We did it all ourselves, Great panel system”

Peter, Colorado, Fireman